Thank You Volunteers for Helping Our Communities

A thank you poster to our volunteers. Helping today building hope for tomorrow.

A thank you to our passionate volunteers

We want to thank our Volunteers for helping. It has been quite a year of sadness and quarantine, but it has also been a year of gratitude and hope. At Wings of Hope For Africa, we could not have done what we do and help our communities without our willing, selfless volunteers. 

They have been dedicated to our cause and are passionate about giving a helping hand. To mention some names, we are thankful to have Mica Bot, who manages our primary social media platforms and Soloya Huang, who manages our secondary social media accounts. They post and interact with you online and inform you of updates. Their efforts do not go unnoticed!

We are grateful to have Evan Machacek for creating our promotion video, as well as Vanessa Pat, who has designed our posters. Their creativity and drive are always appreciated. 

We are also thankful to have Veronique Bellamy, who updates our website and Laura Olmos, who helps us with grant applications. These are such crucial roles to our organization, and we recognize their hard work. 

A special thank you

Wings of Hope also wants to give a special thanks to our volunteers in Africa. A huge thank you to Yvan Kana, who delivers our programs in Buterere, Kivumu and communities in Burundi. As well as Nsengiyumva Aimable for helping with administrative work in Burundi. 

Another big thank you to Colette Mukankusi for delivering our program in Kigali, Rwanda and Samy D. Israel for helping with administration! 

And of course, to Aline Gahiza our founder, who is thoughtful and persevering.

Last but not least, we are happy to have all of you who share the word of our cause. It truly takes a village and a community to help those in need, and with your shares, donations and help, we are able. 

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. We are so grateful for your passion for helping. We are excited about what’s to come in 2021. 

Thank you again to our volunteers for helping. To more helping hands, community building and uplifting those in need. 

Take a look at some of our efforts here.

Written by: Shama Palangdosan

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