11 Back to School

DHL Express  Thank you ❤️  Your generous contributions have ensured 100 children in Burundi will be attending school for one year!   Thank You for your  generous donations of 100 branded backpacks and over $2,000 donations from DHL Express YYC GTW  employees.We were able to purchased school supplies that included uniforms, notebooks,shoes,pens,…. Getting an education empowers […]

Celebrating 10 Years

Dear valued supporters and donors, on behalf of the board of directors of Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation and the many lives you have changed, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your sponsorship towards our valuable initiatives. With every dollar donated, we are helping to empower individuals so that they can […]

Sponsor a Child in Burundi, Africa

One of the major ways that the Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation assists with the welfare and education of children is through our sponsorship program, which specifically targets children living in Burundi that are either orphaned or vulnerable. This project provides support to in-need youth with aspects including: proper healthcare, access to education, and […]

Community Garden Expansion

Community Garden Expansion in Nyarumanga, Burundi We are happy to be announcing our plans to expand our community garden in Nyarumanga, Buterere. This would be an addition to the already successful garden located in the province of Kivumu. With the Kivumu garden, we saw the growth it provided for communities and families. It helped them […]

Our 2021 Programs and Plans

Wings of Hope For Africa 2021 This post will highlight our 2021 programs and plans. First, we wanted to say Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! We are so blessed to be on this journey with you and we would like to share with you our plans for 2021. Let’s Get Started […]

Our Highlights of 2020

Highlights of 2020 Wings of Hope For Africa has had a few highlights of 2020. It’s been a year of struggles for millions of people. From food insecurity to not having necessities, families and individuals have been impacted more than ever. Adding in the pressure of the holidays makes it tougher, too. At Wings of […]

Thank You Donors For Helping

A thank you to our generous donors We want to thank our Donors for helping. Last week we mentioned our selfless and hardworking volunteers. Today, we want to give a huge thank you appreciation post to our supportive and thoughtful donors! It has been a year of challenges, but also a year of compassion. At […]

Covid Relief Efforts Dec 2020

Our Covid Relief Efforts The pandemic has generated food insecurity for individuals and families in the city of Calgary. During this unpredictable time, a lot of people have been left not knowing if they are able to provide basic necessities. Leaving them in the unknown of when their next meal will be. To help, we […]

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