Sponsor a Child in Burundi, Africa

One of the major ways that the Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation assists with the welfare and education of children is through our sponsorship program, which specifically targets children living in Burundi that are either orphaned or vulnerable. This project provides support to in-need youth with aspects including: proper healthcare, access to education, and the opportunity to mature in an environment surrounded by hope and security.

There are currently youth living in Burundi that have been waiting over a year to be sponsored, but with your help, we possess the ability to improve the quality of life and general outcomes for these children. When you make the decision to become a sponsor, you are providing a child with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Further, when you make the choice to become a sponsor with our organization, you are able to choose the age and gender of child you would like to donate to. From there, we will allocate your donation to the child, or children, that have in-need for the greatest period of time. The list of children currently on our sponsorship list can be found here.

Once you become a sponsor with the Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation, you will receive the following: an electronic welcome letter and a photograph and life history of the child you are sponsoring. You will also receive updates on your child twice a year related to education and life, and we will provide updated photographs at the same time. We also make it possible for you to visit your sponsored child in Burundi, and many of our sponsors have taken this opportunity. Our donation page can be found here.

All donations made by Canadian taxpayers are tax deductible, and a receipt will be issued automatically upon submission of your donation. If you have any questions regarding our sponsorship program, we urge you to contact us at info@wingsofhopeforafrica.ca.

We’re a registered charity dedicated to family welfare, empowering communities & developing self-sufficiency programs to end poverty in Burundi and Rwanda, East Africa, and in Calgary, Canada.



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