Covid Relief Efforts Dec 2020

Our Covid Relief Efforts

The pandemic has generated food insecurity for individuals and families in the city of Calgary. During this unpredictable time, a lot of people have been left not knowing if they are able to provide basic necessities. Leaving them in the unknown of when their next meal will be.

To help, we have been supporting our communities with food hampers and gift cards. Since April 2020, we have helped 1850 families. In May, we provided groceries or gift cards (depending on what suited them most) to 36 people who were in financial troubles. In October, we donated boxes of food to many individuals in need. We also delivered fresh eggs to more than 60 families last month.

At Wings of Hope, we make sure they had what they needed: from rice to potatoes, to laundry soap and diapers. We are lending a helping hand to help them survive. All thanks to your help and donations!

With all that said, we are still very much continuing our Covid-19 relief efforts to help out families and individuals that have been impacted by the pandemic.

We have been blessed and are thankful for all of our partners and sponsors throughout this difficult time. Not to mention our dedicated and hardworking volunteers who put their lives at risk with sorting and delivering food and products. They are the backbone of our organization and their willingness to offer their time, support and kindness are unmatched. We thank them and we thank you.

If you are wanting to donate, help or volunteer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are a welcoming group willing to help our communities and beyond. We are in this together.

Written by Shama Palangdosan

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