Why You Should Help

Charity can be a life-changing experience, not just for the people being helped, but also for the ones who are donating. Generosity can move and inspire others to do the same. There are many reasons why to give, here are four of the best.


Sharing with someone in need can release endorphins and promote a greater sense of personal satisfaction.

Show Gratitude

Building empathy and helping others drives us to appreciate what we have and pay attention to the good things.

Make an Impact

Donations strengthen communities and change lives. The effect of your help will certainly last for generations.

Tax Deductible

Every time you donate to Wings of Hope for Africa you will receive a tax receipt, which can be submitted in your tax return!

How Your Donations Help

Children’s Welfare & Education

$50 provides access to education for children in one of Burundi’s poorest neighbourhoods.

A group of people smiling

Empowering Communities

$120 helps support vulnerable families by developing education and cooperative projects to generate income.

Healthcare in Burundi. Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation. Photo republished under a Creative Commons License. Author: EC/ECHO Martin Karimi

Healthcare and Disease Prevention

$5 makes a large impact on the lives of families who cannot afford healthcare.

Emergency Relief Programs

$150 provides assistance to individuals or families in personal distress, or who are victims of a physical disaster.

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Hope for Kids Program Canada

$250 supports low-income families and single parents of school-age children in Calgary, Alberta.

Ways You Can Help

Help us change lives! Our programs are not possible without your generous support ♥

One-Time Matched Donation

ATB is a safe platform that matches 20% of every donation you make! This way you can maximize your donation and support our projects even more!

Canadian Taxpayers

All Canadian taxpayers can deduct their donations, and a receipt will be automatically issued

Monthly Donation

By choosing recurring donations you can help our programs thrive! Choose the amount that you want to donate and help multiple lives!

Canadian Taxpayers

All Canadian taxpayers can deduct their donations, and a receipt will be automatically issued

Other Ways to Give

We are wholly dependent on our volunteers. Help small communities by sharing your skills.

Additional ways to Give

You can also give via Paypal or Cheque, click on the best option for you and see how!


If you prefer donating via business or personal cheques, please, mail your cheque to:
Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation – 152 Skyview Point Green NE – Calgary, Alberta, T3N 0G9 – Canada


A gift can also be sent online through an interest e-transfer. Our e-mail address is: info@wingsofhopeforafrica.ca

Our Programs

Learn more about our programs and help change lives!