Emergency Relief Programs

Wings of Hope for Africa Emergency Relief Assistance

Our Emergency Relief Program is designed to provide assistance to individuals or families in personal distress, or who are victims of a physical disaster. In 2014, we provided emergency relief to victimes of flooding in Buturere, Burundi, by supplying them with basics such as blankets, clothing, bedding, food and clean water, as well as by creating mitigation plans for affected crops and recouping losses.

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In July 2016, we delivered supplies to Burundian refugees during our long-awaited trip to Rwanda’s largest refugee settlement, the Mahama Camp. We delivered over 100 mattresses, plus clothing, shoes, and personal hygiene products for the Burundian refugees. We also did our absolute best to bring a ray of hope and optimism to those living in desperate conditions – showing them that the world knows and cares about them.

The Mahama refugee camp is currently housing thousands of Burundian refugees, 75% of which are women and children.  The site was allocated by the Government of Rwanda on 50 hectares of land in the Mahama sector of Kirehe District, and is able to host 20,000 people.

In July 2016, we delivered supplies to Gatagara House, in Kiyovu, Nyarugenge, Rwanda. This shelter houses more than 30 Burundian refugees – elderly, youth, and young children who cannot stay at the refugee camps due to sickness, trauma, mental illness, or disabilities.

These refugees are part of the hundreds of thousands who have fled Burundi since 2015. In Gatagara House, they now live as a big family. Large refugee camps cannot address their specific needs, but on a smaller scale, we can.

We donated 15 mattresses, 25 blankets, 300kg of rice, 400kg of beans, and 100kg of flour. Thank you, supporters, for making this and our other projects possible.

In Dec 2016 Just before the holidays, we delivered donations of food, clothing, and supplies to refugees at Carama Camp, near Bujumbura, Burundi. This site hosts 242 families and about 218 children under 10 years old.  Most of them fled their homes in the Burundian unrest. Thank you for your support!

Severe droughts, coupled with insect pests, are causing fields to be parched in Bubanza province located in northwestern Burundi. As of late April 2017, millions of Burundians continue to suffer from hunger and this long famine continues to take people’s lives. On Easter Weekend, April 15,2017 Wings of Hope for Africa together with Shemeza Music Ministries and other Organizations instilled a ray of hope to families in the community of Kagwema. Basic needs of life were donated, including food, rice, beans, flour and potatoes. Thank you to all our sponsors in Canada and beyond who contributed to make this event a remarkable success.

The Camp of Gitaza host 186 families. It was put in place two years ago after the flooding that destroyed their houses. On December 16th, 2017, Wings of hope for Africa, together with Shemeza music Ministries and other organizations, gave a ray of hope to families in the community of Gitaza in Burundi. Basic needs of life were donated, including food, rice, beans and clothing. Thank you to all who donated to our 30 Days of Giving Hope campaign and made this event possible.

Beans and blankets can go a long way to helping a family in Burundi. In July 2018 We brought renewed hope to 70 families in Buterere, Burundi. Your generosity provided concrete action to people who have lost everything after severe flooding struck their homes. Each family received a mattress, blanket, a pack of 12 bars of soap plus 30 kg each of beans and rice. They were so happy to receive these necessities from Canadians living so far away. A big thank-you from these families and also from us here at Wings of Hope for Africa. If it wasn’t for our sponsors, we couldn’t provide hope to those in need following this natural disaster.

On October 9th, 2019, we visited the Mahama Refugee camp in Rwanda and we donated 400 shoes for unaccompanied children, 180 outfits for elderly women, 180 pairs of underwear for women and 180 flannels for newborns. The families were very happy to receive these donations and send their high appreciation to our donors. We were happy to see the improvements in the condition of their lives over the last few years. For instance, during our last visit in 2016 they were living in tents, but now they have built houses and no longer need the tents.


Thank you to all our supporters for making this project possible!

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Our donations are processed by ATB Cares, a secure platform for donating and fundraising online. Donations made by Canadian taxpayers are tax deductible, and a receipt will be issued automatically.  If you have any questions about your donation please contact us at info@wingsofhopeforafrica.ca

We’re a registered charity dedicated to family welfare, empowering communities & developing self-sufficiency programs to end poverty in Burundi and Rwanda, East Africa, and in Calgary, Canada.



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