On May 17, 2020, we made a difference in the lives of 36 families in financial trouble. We gave them groceries or gift cards, depending on what better served them. Making sure these families had the right supplies was important to us. We were able to hand out an abundance of goods: eight kilograms of rice; 4.5 kg of potatoes; five kg of frozen chicken legs; laundry soap, cookies, three litres of oil; onions; baked beans; noodles; orange juice; macaroni; tomato sauce; sugar; hot chocolate; oatmeal; and diapers were also given for those with babies.

Volunteers were also excited to take part in this experience – they came to pack the supplies and some did house deliveries. They knew they were risking their own health to support families in need, and yet they wanted to do their part in blessing people and improving their lives during this time. Their motto was just as James Durst once said about volunteering: “Help one another. There’s no time like the present, and no present like time.” We also wish to thank Crosspointe Fellowship Church for allowing us to use their facility to distribute food and the Breakfast Club of Canada for sponsoring this food security initiative. With their help, we achieved so much and brought a smile to so many faces.

We’re a registered charity dedicated to family welfare, empowering communities & developing self-sufficiency programs to end poverty in Burundi and Rwanda, East Africa, and in Calgary, Canada.



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