Kivumu Community Garden – Phase 2 Harvest – March 2017

Our long awaited second harvest at the Kivumu Community Garden is complete.  In March 2017, our sponsored families harvested an incredible 6 tonnes – that’s 6,000 kilograms – from our 1 hectare plot in the hills near the village of Kivumu.  They also harvested 100 kg of peas, and 50 kg of onions. 

What began as a new project in 2016, is now in second phase of operation – we are seeing self sufficiency, cooperation, and passing of knowledge at work.  This yield of harvest was extremely fruitful.  Prior to the project, the participants were only able to eat one meal per day.  Malnutrition and digestive issues were a common issue.  Thanks to this project, the families can eat regular meals, and have enough produce left over to sell at the market, and create income.

Our self-sufficiency model is fully at work – this project was planted from seed potatoes left from last season’s crops, and the families used tools and training received from the previous group.

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