7th Harvest Kivumu Community Garden

The Seven harvest at the Kivumu Community Garden is complete. In total, the garden yielded 10 tons of potatoes! The families will now divide the harvest into three parts: crops to sell at the market, crops to eat at home, and crops from which to get the seeds for the next growing season.

Participants benefit from improved nutrition and quality of life, have access to healthy food, and gain knowledge about agriculture and effective nutrition. Our survey showed that the families were only able to eat 1 meal per day, and that fatigue and stomach issues were very common. The community garden enabled them to increase the daily nutritional intake to 2 meals with a small income to supply their diet with additional items. Our goal for the project is to provide a starting point from which the families can become self-sufficient, and we are so happy to see these results.

We appreciate any kind of help for our community gardens. Click here to donate and help us in the expansion of the garden. Together, we can help a lot of people.

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