Food hampers Donation

Wings of Hope for Canada is helping to ease the financial burden that many families are facing in the midst of rising food housing costs. In January 2022, we delivered food hampers to 100 families in need within various neighbourhoods in Calgary.

We give a big thank-you to Community Food Centers Canada for its generous donation and joining forces with us in combating poverty. With its support, we are helping to change lives for the better and in particular, during an international pandemic that has carried on for more than two years. The impact of COVID-19 is far-reaching. Job losses have been felt across a number of sectors and reduced hours and pay have become all too common. Our Hope for Kids Canada program in Calgary provides financial support to low-income families and single parents of school-age children. We work with school representatives to choose individuals who are most in need of a hand-up at this time. It’s so important to show we care for others during COVID-19. While this pandemic seems to be weakening, one thing will always be certain: that we will endeavour make a visible, positive, and long-lasting impact in the community we call home

We’re a registered charity dedicated to family welfare, empowering communities & developing self-sufficiency programs to end poverty in Burundi and Rwanda, East Africa, and in Calgary, Canada.



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