Christmas Hope

Supporting Families in Need Through the Holiday Season

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Join the Wings of Hope for Africa Team in giving back this holiday season through our 2023 Christmas Hope campaign. This year, donations will provide life changing gifts for poor families in Buterere, Burundi.

Help spread hope during the holidays. Make a donation and choose from the following gift options:

  • Buy soap and a toothbrush: $5. Hygiene products can help prevent the spread of diseases.
  • A goat for a family: $50. Livestock donations can provide food and income for poor families.
  • Buy a bag of rice or beans for a family: $70. Agricultural goods can be eaten by families or sold at markets.
  • Sponsor a family for one year: $120. Sponsoring a family can provide a variety of essential items based on their needs.
  • Sponsor a child for one year: $250. Sponsoring a child ensures education, healthcare, and food.

We’re a registered charity dedicated to family welfare, empowering communities & developing self-sufficiency programs to end poverty in Burundi and Rwanda, East Africa, and in Calgary, Canada.



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