Our Staff Teams in Burundi and Rwanda

Responsibilities of our Teams in Burundi and Rwanda

Our programs and activities in Burundi and Rwanda are closely supervised by dedicated teams of on-site staff.  All hold diplomas in Human Services or a related field and are well versed in the culture and language of the communities.  All of our team members in Burundi and Rwanda have expressed compassion and a desire to help the vulnerable families in those communities. Our programs and activities are not carried out by anyone other than Wings of Hope for Africa staff.

Our Staff in Buterere, Burundi, preparing to donate a gift of livestock (goats).
Wings of Hope for Africa on-site staff visits a sponsored family in Buterere, Burundi

The activities and responsibilities of the Wings of Hope for Africa (WHA) team in Burundi and Rwanda are as follows:

Supervise and follow up on all of the programs and activities of WHA, as per directives of the WHA Board of Directors in Canada.

Supervise needs assessment, represent WHA Canada locally, and supervise the design and implementation of activities and projects based on WHA Board of Directors instructions.

Follow up with sponsored families weekly to check on their progress and to provide reports to the WHA Board of Directors.

Connect with the chief of the village to gain insight on which families are most vulnerable and visit the family to evaluate and assess conditions at the local level. In assessing the family, the team looks to determine the living conditions of the home and the family (i.e. health conditions, number of eligible family members of working age, etc.).

Identify, assess, and report on the needs of the potential sponsorship candidates to the WHA Board of Directors in Canada, who make the final determination on sponsorship and approve the transfer of funds.

Visit the sponsored families three times a week (12 times a month). The WHA Canada President follows up with email, or a phone call each time the WHA Burundi team or WHA Rwanda team visits the sponsored families. 

Provide comprehensive written reports and pictures at the end of each week, which are reviewed by the President of WHA Canada and submitted for review to all WHA Board of Directors. Each year a representative from the WHA Board of Directors in Canada visits the community of Buterere, and assesses progress of the projects and the sponsored families.

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