By hosting an event, you’re going above and beyond by motivating friends, colleagues and your community to help Friends Africa ensure that Africans are taking responsibility for Africa’s health especially within their own communities or establishments.

Anyone can host an event:

Individuals, Corporate Organizations, Government and other Institutions. We are also excited to discuss further with you on ways you can join us to co-host an event.

Host a health event:

Benefit yourself, your friends, and your family. It may be at a spa, a retreat location, or even in your own home. You set the tone, and ban all outside distractions.

Host a corporate challenge event:

Events such as running, cycling, rowing, or trekking can promote your organization, and you can gather pledges to support a workplace Friends Africa initiative.

Host a community bake sale:

Donate funds raised from baking to help people living with AIDS, Tuberculosis or Malaria. These are people who cannot ordinarily access funds or drugs.

Create an original event:

Use your imagination and creativity to come up with an event idea.

Contact your Friends Africa to share your vision and discuss how we might help you with planning and implementing your idea.

To host an event or join Friends Africa, please send us an email.