FAQ & Privacy Policy

What is Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation?

Wings of hope for Africa foundation is a Canadian registered charity which uplifts impoverished families from desperate living conditions to joyful self sufficiency.

Who benefits from Wings of Hope for Africa’s work?

Donations to Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation benefit poor children, orphans, and needy families in Burundi.

How can I see the results of my contributions?

We update stories about Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation’s work on our website and through our Facebook page. We also try to regularly send donors a newsletter by mail or email.

If I sponsor a child, how long of a commitment do I need to make?

When we see that the family has become self-sufficiency, we will let you know and we can introduce you another child. It is up to you to sponsor him/her or not. We will contact you and meet your wishes.

Can I have access to financial and other reports?

Yes, Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation strongly believes that transparency and open communication are the pillars of unity within the organization and that these values strengthen the success of WHA projects. At the end of each year, a Financial Report is submitted to all members, which will be posted on our website.



Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation respects the privacy of our donors.

The personal information you share with us will be used to manage your sponsorship, provide you with opportunities to help poor children and families and communicate with you about our work.

It will not be sold, traded or rented to any other organization.