Corporate Partnerships

We believe that businesses and charities can achieve more by working together to address social and environmental issues, rather than by working alone.

We therefore warmly invite private and public organizations to become our partners and sponsors. We are seeking to partner with corporate organizations and government agencies, local and to join us in the fight against poverty and disease in Burundi.

We are ready to partner with you implement key projects for your business, community and government.

How can your organization benefit?

Nonprofits like our charity have passionate followers and key relationships and networks that may not otherwise be accessible to brands or companies. These strengths and relationships that can work hard for brands and brand partners.

Corporate sponsorship also allows both parties to enhance the authority, credibility, and authenticity of what they are both saying. Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation will give business sponsors recognition through its website, through social media platforms like Facebook, and publicly through events.

Our partners are vital to building our programs for children, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions.

How can your organization help?

Join Our Campaigns

Funding one of our campaigns allows you to be directly involved in a cause chosen by your company and give visibility of this particular cause in the community.

Event Sponsorship

We hold fundraisers at least twice per year.  Sponsoring a Wings of Hope for Africa event will build positive awareness of your brand.

Volunteer Programs for Employees

Email us to ask about volunteer opportunities. We would be happy to host a team-building event that combines fun and volunteering for your employees.

Custom Partnerships

We understand that each company has individual preferences and needs, therefore, we want to hear from you and see how we can work together.

You can join us to provide products, services, and professional advice.  Contributions of any kind will be a direct reflection of your corporate image, and will be gratefully acknowledged on our website and social media properties. We are available to participate at your events and explain the impact that your support is having in the fight against poverty and disease in Burundi, East Africa.

Please write to for more information.