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Annual Project Reports

Current Campaign
12th Back To School Campaign

Our Back to School Efforts reflect the importance of education as a tool for change. This year, our goal is to raise $10,000 before September 2nd 2023, to help us send 200 children back to school - 100 in Burundi, Africa and 100 in Calgary, Canada.

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Yearly Recap

The devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic had global impacts. The effects were felt hardest by poor communities who lacked access to hygiene supplies, ability to distance, and healthcare.

These years focused on supporting our ongoing initiatives to best support those in need after and during the devastation of the pandemic.

In Calgary, our Hope For Kids Canada program was able to service the needs of vulnerable families affected by the pandemic. We served over 1,800 grocery hampers and gift cards to support local families in need from 202o-2022.

In East Africa we provided hygiene supplies and disease education to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Over these years we completed three successful Back To School Initiatives. Since the debut of this program, we have completed 11 Back to School campaigns and sent over 1000 children back to school in East Africa. 

We also provided continued access to healthcare in East Africa a critical piece in addressing the pandemic as well as poverty. Since 2013, we have provided healthcare cards to over 700 individuals living in East Africa.

Our two continued community gardens in Buterere and Kivumu, Burundi successfully fed and provided income for over 100 families each year with two harvest cycles each.

Finally, the child sponsorship program has reached 150 children supported through Wings of Hope for Africa thanks to our generous donors.

COVID-19 Relief
WHA Honoured with Medal

The Royal Canadian Mint created the recognition medal to honor essential workers and everyday heroes who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in response to the Covid-19 crisis. In the appreciation of the outstanding contributions of dedicated individuals across the country.

Yearly Recap

2019 marked another successful year towards our goal of ending poverty thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Our community gardens are continuing to thrive, feeding families and providing income in Buterere and Kivumu. We were able to expand our community garden in Kivumu by another hectare of land. This doubles the size of the garden and will increase the gardens output!

We provided 20 goats to support 20 families in East Africa, supplied healthcare cards to 100 families, added additional sewing machines to the Masoro learning center, and provided refugee support for women and children in Mahama. We donated 400 shoes for unaccompanied children, 180 outfits for elderly women, 180 pairs of underwear for women and 180 flannels for newborns to the refugee camp.

Yearly Recap

This year, we focused our efforts on our existing programs. 

For international womens day, we provided healthcare cards for 50 women in East Africa. We provided an additional 50 families with healthcare access this year as well.

Or community gardens continue to thrive producing two harvests yearly and supporting just over 100 families. 

We completed another successful brick project in which the WHA team provided the resources and education to craft bricks that can be sold by locals in markets to generate income.

This year we also saw our 7th successful Back To School, opened a new learning center in Masoro, and provided a large Christmas Hope donation supported by the giving hearts of Canadians.

Program Expansion
Learning Centre

The Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation opened our second learning centre in Masoro, Rwanda. This program will continue to provide the skills and resources to vulnerable families to support their own needs and gain an income.

Yearly Recap

This year was busy at the Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation with the sustenance of existing programs, new additions to our poverty alleviation programs, and the start of our contributions in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Our two community gardens in Burundi continued to provide over 100 families with food and income through another two harvest cycles.

Other income generating projects including livestock donations of 45 goats and two food good donations to vulnerable families provided other opportunities for income to locals. 

We introduced our newest income-generating project in Rwanda with our Kigali Learning Center. Our team teaches locals basic literacy skills and sewing skills. It also runs courses on small business and self-sufficiency. This centre is still active today, continuing to give back to the community.

A successful 6th Back To School Initiative saw 100 children back to school.

Other funding went towards surgery for a poor man in Africa, emergency relief for communities afflicted by natural disasters, bicycle donations, healthcare cards, and our annual Christmas donation.

Finally, the Wings of Hope for Africa team expanded our efforts to poverty alleviation in Calgary, Canada with donation of $15,000 and our volunteer support to local charities that share our mission.

Thank you for another great year!

Income-Generating Projects
Learning Centre

The Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation kicked off another income-generating project with our Learning Centre in Kigali, Rwanda. This centre provides the resources and knowledge for locals to learn the skills of sewing. This initiative can help address their own basic needs and allow them to make an income with these skills. The centre provides teaching on sewing and business to enhance opportunities for graduates to start their own businesses. Additionally, the centre provides job opportunities for graduates to return to the centre and teach a new class of locals the skills. This highlights our value of sustainability and community empowerment in our income-generating projects.

Expanding Our Service to Calgary
First Poverty Alleviation in Calgary

On Saturday, October 21st, 2017, we donated $10,000 to The Mustard Seed Calgary, the gift will provide basic needs like food and clothing to those experiencing poverty and homelessness in Calgary. 

Our early efforts in Calgary involved donations to local charities combatting poverty. Today, we are proud to be able to support families in Calgary through our own Hope for Kids Canada Program that provides relief to families struggling with poverty. This initiative can help with the cost and time required to feed a family, with school supplies and related fees, with winter clothing, and with Christmas toys. 

Through our donations to other local organizations that share our mission and our Hope for Kids Canada Program, our relief efforts have touched the lives of over 1,800 families in Calgary.

Yearly Recap

With the help of our generous donors we were able to spend another contributing to a brighter future. 

Funds supported our efforts in refugee support, the development of a new community garden in Kivumu, the continuation of our first community garden, our 5th Back To School Initiative, and furthered access to healthcare with our healthcare card program.

Provision of Emergency Relief
Refugee Support

The Refugee Crisis in Africa is largely related to a history of conflict in Burundi. Many vulnerable families flee Burundi into Rwanda in search of safety and a better life. This year The Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation made two trips to provide support to Burundian families living in refugee camps in Rwanda. We also visited the Gatagara house, an offshoot of one refugee camp where children and elderly who can not stay at the camps due to sickness, disability, mental illness, or trauma are housed. We provided clothes, shoes, mattresses, and hygiene products.

Program Addition
First Sponsored Children

In May 2016, we added 5 children to our sponsorship program in Burundi. Their mom is a widow and is ill, and the family struggles to afford basics of life. We took the children to the market and with a budget of only $100, all received new shoes and clothes. 

Yearly Recap

This year we contributed to supporting vulnerable families in East Africa by enhancing accessibility of education and healthcare, increasing employability of locals through income-generating projects, and addressing hunger. We saw a successful 4th Back To School Initiative and the sustained contributions of our community garden in Burundi.

Yearly Recap

Another successful year of alleviating poverty thanks to the support of our generous donors. 

This year we saw the continuation of programs with our 3rd Back To School campaign, Support in the 2nd planting phase of our Burundi community garden, and donation of over 30 goats to vulnerable families.

Additionally, we launched our Bricks Project, another income-generating project that provides locals with the skills and resources to make bricks that can then be sold at markets.

Finally, we provided emergency relief to flood victims in Burundi.

Provision of Emergency Relief
First Emergency Response Mission

On February 9, 2014, flooding occurred in the north of Bujumbura with 60 dead, 81 wounded, and 400 houses destroyed. The city of Buterere, where our organization and fundraising efforts mainly occur was also affected. On March 8th, W.H.A sponsored “THE SOUND OF HOPE” event. Donations of food, clothing, kitchen material, and shoes were given to families affected by the flood. 

Since then, we have provided emergency relief to approximately 2,750 people. This year, one of our goals is to expand our emergency response capabilities to be able to better respond to crises.

Yearly Recap

This year was the start of numerous critical Wings of Hope for Africa programs that are still serving East African communities today.

We contributed to poverty alleviation through improving healthcare accessibility, supporting education of vulnerable children, and donating anti-malaria nets to help combat malaria rates. Our income-generating projects: community gardens, livestock donations, and the provision of food supplies to resell at markets empowered local families to feed their own families and develop an income.

Thank you for your support towards this great year!

Spreading Joy
Christmas Donations Program

Our yearly  Christmas Hope Initiative provides families in East Africa with a wide range of resources and tools to develop a form of income and break the cycle of poverty. We donate livestock and agriculture supplies which create the opportunity for families to earn an income.  

Making Education Accessible
Back To School Program

Our first Back to School Campaigns in 2012 and 2013 saw over 200 kids back to school. WHA provides funds and resources including backpacks, uniforms, and school supplies to ensure that vulnerable children receive the opportunities of education.

Since the debut of this program, we have completed 11 Back to School campaigns and sent over 1000 children back to school in East Africa. 

Expansion of Income-Generating Projects
First Community Garden Project

The first community garden was established in Buterere, Burundi in 2013. This garden continues to feed vulnerable families in the community and stimulate the local economy to this day. Since 2013, we have established numerous community gardens that sustainably contribute to the alleviation of poverty in East Africa.  We provided people with the skills and resources to sustain themselves and to contribute to the economy.

Striving for Healthcare Accessibility
Healthcare Cards

In December of 2013 we worked to address the healthcare inaccessibility in Burundi. Providing healthcare cards to vulnerable families in Burundi allows them to have regular checkups with a doctor and significantly reduces the cost of necessary medications for their family. Since 2013, we have provided healthcare cards to over 700 individuals living in East Africa.

A Push for Community Empowerment
Start of Income-Generating Projects

Our early initiatives worked to address communities basic needs of survival. This turning point in the Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation history made a push towards self-sufficiency projects that would allow communities to address their own needs and produce an income.

In 2012, our early projects included donations of nutritional goods that could be sold at markets, including beans, rice, and grain, donated to families in need to be consumed with surplus being sold at markets to generate income.

Later this year, WHA combatted poverty through the donation of livestock to vulnerable families in Burundi which provided food and a renewable source of income.

In 2012, we also completed our first Back To School initiative providing access to education for vulnerable children. Education is a tool that can help break the cycle of poverty by enhancing a child with future opportunities.

First Initiatives
Donations to Burundi Families and Communities

Our first initiatives brought soap, mattresses, and bicycles to Burundi.  Soap can save lives in Burundi by preventing the spread of disease –  Proper hygiene, including hand-washing, can stop the spread of diseases like cholera in areas with poor sanitation. Mattresses are scarce in Burundi and can help allow people to sleep better.  Bicycles can facilitate mobility for families in Burundi.

The Wings of Hope for Africa Foundation is born

The Wings of Hope for Africa foundation was conceived in 2011. Our mission was to combat poverty in Burundi, East Africa. 

We’re a registered charity dedicated to family welfare, empowering communities & developing self-sufficiency programs to end poverty in Burundi and Rwanda, East Africa, and in Calgary, Canada.


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