Kivumu Community Garden

Community Garden

Our new group of 70 sponsored families are planting the 7th phase of the Kivumu Community Garden. They are using seed potatoes passed from the families in the 6th phase reinforcing our model of sustainability and teamwork.

Our community garden project provides our recipients with the means to eat and make a living. It uplifts them and gives them hope and dignity.

This project allows these families to feel a strong sense of community–something that is needed especially at this time. It gives them a sense of empowerment, too.

The program is crucial to the community’s development. It generates a source of income for vulnerable individuals. This, in turn, feeds their families, provides some sort of living and gives them hope.

Sustainable efforts

Our community garden project also helps our world towards a healthier environment. The families are able to put food on their table, sell their crops and gather seeds for the next season. This in turn creates a healthy sustainable way of living for them, the community and the environment.

A thank you

We thank our donors and everyone who has contributed to this project. We are very much thankful. The communities we help are now able to provide for themselves through this project.

With your support, we are able to expand these projects and help communities that are in need.

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